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Distances from Nuuk

Distances from Nuuk to the largest cities and places in Greenland. Have a closer look at the distances from Nuuk to the largest places in Greenland.

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Distances from Nuuk to the largest places in Greenland
Atammik Atammik1.25073 km 45 mishow
Qeqertarsuatsiaat Qeqertarsuatsiaat2.261132 km 82 mishow
Maniitsoq Maniitsoq3.2,866148 km 92 mishow
Kangaamiut Kangaamiut4.396198 km 123 mishow
Qeqertarsuaq Qeqertarsuaq5.986250 km 155 mishow
Paamiut Paamiut6.1,862265 km 165 mishow
Itilleq Itilleq7.121280 km 174 mishow
Sarfannguaq Sarfannguaq8.110307 km 191 mishow
Kangerlussuaq Kangerlussuaq9.556318 km 198 mishow
Sisimiut Sisimiut10.5,227320 km 199 mishow
Arsuk Arsuk11.145374 km 233 mishow
Kangilinnguit Kangilinnguit12.164377 km 234 mishow
Attu Attu13.281427 km 265 mishow
Iginniarfik Iginniarfik14.103446 km 277 mishow
Ikerasaarsuk Ikerasaarsuk15.116447 km 278 mishow
Niaqornaarsuk Niaqornaarsuk16.336454 km 282 mishow
Narsarsuaq Narsarsuaq17.154465 km 289 mishow
Narsaq Narsaq18.1,633466 km 289 mishow
Kangaatsiaq Kangaatsiaq19.680466 km 289 mishow
Qaqortoq Qaqortoq20.3,224484 km 301 mishow
Aasiaat Aasiaat21.3,005507 km 315 mishow
Akunnaaq Akunnaaq22.107509 km 316 mishow
Qasigiannguit Qasigiannguit23.1,341517 km 321 mishow
Alluitsup Paa Alluitsup Paa24.364522 km 324 mishow
Kitsissuarsuit Kitsissuarsuit25.120524 km 326 mishow
Ilulissat Ilulissat26.4,413561 km 349 mishow
Nanortalik Nanortalik27.1,509562 km 349 mishow
Qeqertarsuaq Qeqertarsuaq28.907569 km 354 mishow
Narsaq Narsaq29.110592 km 368 mishow
Qeqertaq Qeqertaq30.154648 km 402 mishow
Saqqaq Saqqaq31.169650 km 404 mishow
Tiniteqilaaq Tiniteqilaaq32.169681 km 423 mishow
Tasiilaq Tasiilaq33.1,829683 km 424 mishow
Kulusuk Kulusuk34.312703 km 437 mishow
Ikerasak Ikerasak35.286704 km 437 mishow
Kuummiit Kuummiit36.361715 km 444 mishow
Uummannaq Uummannaq37.1,299723 km 449 mishow
Qaarsut Qaarsut38.204730 km 454 mishow
Saattut Saattut39.211738 km 459 mishow
Sermiligaaq Sermiligaaq40.223744 km 462 mishow
Ukkusissat Ukkusissat41.195765 km 475 mishow
Upernavik Kujalleq Upernavik Kujalleq42.205901 km 560 mishow
Kangersuatsiaq Kangersuatsiaq43.244926 km 575 mishow
Upernavik Upernavik44.1,129974 km 605 mishow
Aappilattoq Aappilattoq45.208981 km 610 mishow
Tasiusaq Tasiusaq46.2471,037 km 644 mishow
Kullorsuaq Kullorsuaq47.4081,176 km 731 mishow
Ittoqqortoormiit Ittoqqortoormiit48.5311,436 km 892 mishow
Pituffik Pituffik49.2351,503 km 934 mishow
Dundas Dundas50.2891,504 km 935 mishow

1 - 50 of 51 places
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